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Camping…sort of

This weekend we were given the opportunity to go camping at Cages Bend Campground near Hendersonville, TN.  Jerry and Peggy drove his RV down to a nice campsite right on the lake.  They set it up, and got everything ready for us.  They even had firewood left for us and waters in the fridge.  When […]

London 2012

We are going…who is coming with us? You can’t get tickets till 2011, but just go ahead and put it in your calendars.

We are the champions!

Some of you know that we have been playing sand volleyball once again.  We weren’t able to get a team together in time, but a nice team, appropriately name the “Outcasts,” let us join them two weeks into the season.  We won some and lost some, but overall it was a lot of fun.  Well, […]

Look-alikes Part II

We all know that Chad looks like Ben Affleck, but I too have been told that I look like certain celebrities.  Here are some that I have heard: Celine Dion, one of the Dixie Chicks, and that girl from the “America’s Best” commercial.

2 months

We have been married for exactly two months now.  Wow!  In a way it has gone by fast, but in a way it feels like forever ago since we said “I do” and went to Jamaica.  Chad, thanks for making these the best two months of my life.  I love you!

Chad Affleck

Jennie and I went to Brusters tonight (b/c it was raining) and the girl there said I looked like Ben Affleck. It really cracked me up, but I totally see it.


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