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Poppy- 3 Months Old

Poppy is 3 months old today! She… weighs about 13.8 pounds wears size 3 months clothes wears size 2 diapers sleeps through the night has found her hands coos and smiles can hold her head up really well has had her first illness (RSV) still will not take a pacifier very┬ámuch likes: riding in the […]

Piper and Poppy with Santa

And here are the last 3 years of pictures with Santa.

Poppy- 2 Months Old

Poppy is 2 months old today! She… weighs about 12.2 pounds wears size 3 months clothes wears size 1 diapers follows people with her eyes sucks on her hand likes: sitting upright, looking at Mommy, white noise, her mobile, rattles, being held dislikes: gas, reflux She plans to spend the day celebrating at Piper’s birthday […]

Piper- 2 Years Old

This will be the last monthly post about Piper, so forgive me as I share way more about my baby girl (some may say toddler) than you care to know. Piper is 2 years old today… She weighs about 32 pounds is about 35 3/4 inches tall wears size 3T clothes wears size 8 shoes […]

Piper and Poppy at 1 Month

Poppy- 1 Month Old

Poppy is 1 month old today! She weighs about 11.2 pounds wears newborn size clothes wears size 1 diapers has a full head of hair has blue eyes still has her umbilical cord stump sleeps in the newborn napper in the Pack-n-Play likes: being warm, riding in the car, looking around, holding things dislikes: sponge […]


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