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The Best Webbs Site Ever!

By (Jessie’s) popular demand more info about this amazing weekend coming soon. – finally…

DHizzy introduced me to today, which is basically the greatest thing to ever happen to the internets ever. EVER. Finally, everything that MTV kicked out the window 10 years ago when roads started to get ruled and worlds got real is back, and it is in a form where you can search for the […]

I’m a Mac

I recently received a brand new MacBook from my work.  I’m really excited about it.  A couple months ago, I went to some training on how to use a MacBook because our school now has a mobile lab of 30 McBooks.  Ever since then, I’ve felt really comfortable using the laptops, and I’m glad I […]

First Uppercase Living Party

For those of you who don’t know, I have started selling Uppercase Living products.  These are cute vinyl expressions that can be placed on walls or other surfaces.  There were too many that I wanted, so I knew I couldn’t just buy the products.   Chad would not have let me get all the things I wanted […]

Happy Columbus Day!

Usually, we never get Columbus day off at school, but for some reason we did this year.  I think it was simply to give all of us teachers one more day of fall break.  I have been on fall break all week, and I finally have to go back tomorrow.  Am I ready?  No.  I […]

WCHS Ten Year Reunion

Tonight was Chad’s ten year high school reunion.  It was a pretty nice evening, but we are both glad that it is over (Chad especially).  You see, Chad was the president of the class of ’98.  Therefore, he was in charge of getting the whole shin dig together. We started making plans back in the […]


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