– finally…

DHizzy introduced me to today, which is basically the greatest thing to ever happen to the internets ever. EVER. Finally, everything that MTV kicked out the window 10 years ago when roads started to get ruled and worlds got real is back, and it is in a form where you can search for the music videos you loved. Thank you MTV…thank you.

I’m a Mac

I recently received a brand new MacBook from my work.  I’m really excited about it.  A couple months ago, I went to some training on how to use a MacBook because our school now has a mobile lab of 30 McBooks.  Ever since then, I’ve felt really comfortable using the laptops, and I’m glad I am now considered a proud “custodian” of one.  It doesn’t quite have the same ring as proud owner, but it is technically still Simpson County property.  I had to apply for it and accept responsibility for it if anything happens to it, but I still get to use it as if it were my very own.  Now I can join Chad on the couch as we watch TV and play on our (employer’s) computers.  Talk about quality time!

First Uppercase Living Party

For those of you who don’t know, I have started selling Uppercase Living products.  These are cute vinyl expressions that can be placed on walls or other surfaces.  There were too many that I wanted, so I knew I couldn’t just buy the products.   Chad would not have let me get all the things I wanted if I had to pay for them.  So, my only option was to sell them myself.  I’ve never wanted to do something like this before.  I always felt like these jobs were a nuisance to friends.  I don’t want to bug my friends to buy things or make them feel like I’m constantly trying to sell them things.  Hopefully, I won’t have to do that.  I really think the Uppercase Living items sell themselves, especially if you are in to decorating your home.  Here is a picture of something I made tonight by putting Uppercase Living products that I created on a tile I bought at Lowes.

Well, anyway, tonight I had my first party and I played hostess too.  I invited over some friends to check out the Uppercase Living and so I could practice.  Only 3 girls were able to come, so it was a pretty intimate event.  I think it was a little weird presenting to my friends.  It probably would have been easier if I had been talking to a group of strangers.  Once again, I really don’t want to bug my friends.  I don’t want to risk harming a relationship because I seem pushy.  Overall, it was a nice evening, and I’m glad I’ve got my first party under my belt.

One of the best things about the party was the refreshments.  We had sausage balls, cheese ball, bread and bacon dip, and my new favorite Funfetti cake cookies.  The cookie recipe can be found on the side of a Funfetti cake mix.  They taste like a combination of sugar cookies and cake batter.  You top them with the rainbow chip icing and you have a super yummy dessert that no one can resist.  I think I might have to go get one now.

Happy Columbus Day!

Usually, we never get Columbus day off at school, but for some reason we did this year.  I think it was simply to give all of us teachers one more day of fall break.  I have been on fall break all week, and I finally have to go back tomorrow.  Am I ready?  No.  I haven’t done a bit of schoolwork since we got out of school.  That is why it is so fortunate that I get this day to do all the work I should have done over the break.  On Friday before I left, I put up a new bulletin board for fall.  I told someone that I knew once I got a taste of lazy, I wouldn’t want to do it anymore.  It’s true.  And here I am writing a post instead of doing what I should.  So, I must go to school now and put in grades, make new seating charts, and prepare lessons.  Happy Columbus day!

WCHS Ten Year Reunion

Tonight was Chad’s ten year high school reunion.  It was a pretty nice evening, but we are both glad that it is over (Chad especially).  You see, Chad was the president of the class of ’98.  Therefore, he was in charge of getting the whole shin dig together.

We started making plans back in the summer, soon after we got married.  Since then, Chad has been responsible for sending invitations, getting in touch with people, getting their money, booking a DJ, picking a menu, and making name tags with the alumni’s senior picture.

Ok, so that last task was sort of my fault.  His plan was to buy the “Hello, my name is…” sticky name tags, but thanks to me, he got a lot more work than he had planned.  I wanted to try to help, so I bought some name tags and set out to make them, but Chad ended up taking over the whole process.  He worked on them for hours, scanning in the pictures and getting them typed up correctly.  This was totally the opposite of what I wanted because Chad has been so busy lately.  The name tags did turn out really nice and everyone got a kick out of them.

The reunion was at The Sloan Convention Center at the Holiday Inn.  The meal was really good- salad, bread, chicken and green beans and rice.  I was surprised at how good it tasted.  For dessert, they had cheesecake with strawberry topping.  I have to admit, I ate mine and somebody else’s because it was so delicious.  The DJ played music on his guitar during dinner and then started playing hits from the 90s.  I don’t think too many people got into the music much.  For some reason more people were in the hall just outside of the room than actually in the room.  We had people fill out sheets and vote for superlatives, like married the longest (9 years 11 months), traveled the farthest (from San Diego), most children (3), most tattoos (8) etc.  Unfortunately, there were only about 10 people in the room when Chad announced the winners.  We actually won “most recent newlyweds,” but Chad didn’t want to announce it.

I think the whole night was a success, and nobody could have done a better job.  Chad put the whole reunion together while taking two MBA classes and still being a great husband.  I’m so proud of him.  Great job, honey!  I love you!