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Presidential Inauguration

No matter what your political affiliation, today is a huge day in our history. Good luck to President Obama, our prayers are with him and his family.

Still tweaking the site…

I am still trying to get the site fixed and a final design put on there. I think it will be some variation of this theme. That is if my lovely wife likes it enough. At the top of this theme you can change the width. I would like to get it to default to […]

Simply Be The Church

Jennie was asked by LHBC to write a blog post relating to yesterday’s sermon on the church’s new blog site. I thought she did a pretty darn good job. Check it out.


Deep down I knew it would happen. I knew that this “perfect” season they had would blow up in their face the first playoff game they had. I would have rather they had a Bengals like season instead of doing wondefully all year and then choke in the post season. This season could only end […]

Coach Chad

Today was Chad’s first game of the season, and he looked so cute in his coach’s shirt as he shouted “Go Lady Wolverines!” He is coaching 3rd and 4th girls basketball with Upward. He coached last year too and he does a great job of it. I’m so proud of my hubby and the service […]

Murder Mystery Prize

You may recall that back in November, Chad and I attended a murder mystery dinner in which we won a pretty necklace.  Although lovely, the red jewelry was just not me.  So, I contacted the local silversmith who created it, Kay Zoretic, and she kindly agreed to let me exchange the necklace for something I […]


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