Knock, Knock

We haven’t posted much lately, so I hate that this is the first thing I’m writing about in a while.  Do not read this if you have a weak stomach.

If a stranger came to your house and asked to use your bathroom, would you let them in?  Ok, what if this stranger told you she knows the neighbor two doors down but they didn’t answer the door?   What if she said she had MS and couldn’t control her bowels?  Would you let her in?  What if she told you she had already “gone” in her pants?  What would you do?

Well, if your name was Chad Webb last night, you would direct her to the restroom.  I don’t blame him.  It is a tough situation.  She sounded like she was really in need.  I was on the couch in the other room listening, offering no help.

She went in to the bathroom and we waited in the living room, thinking just how strange it was.  She was in there for a while, and when she came out, she let us know that she had cleaned up as best should could, but we would have to clean up a little more.  She also informed us that the trash would need to be taken out because she had put her underwear in it.  She was very appreciative and wanted to send us a thank-you card.  We told her that it was not necessary.  We really just didn’t want to talk because it was so awkward.

Chad informed me that because he was the one who opened the door and talked to her, I was the one who had to clean up after her.  Ummm, let’s just say he got the better end of the deal there.  It was disgusting in the restroom, with poo on the toilet and dirty, wet toilet paper on the floor.  I’ve Clorox-wiped all over and washed the towels that were in there, but I still haven’t gone there since then.  I hope I can eventually feel like it is my home bathroom again someday.

I don’t know why this is worth writing about.  Why is it so weird that someone who really needed it would ask for help?  And why have Chad and I been suspicious of the whole event since it happened?  Like, one thing I thought of was that she goes around the neighborhood asking to come into people’s houses, claiming to know a neighbor.  I mean, maybe she didn’t really know that lady two doors down.  Before she left, she asked us our last name.  My thought was, what if next time, she goes to someone down the street and says, “I know the Webbs.”  I hope that it’s not true, and I hope we really did help her out, but it is just kind of sad that we automatically speculate something strange is going on.

My Chad

I had a training for school today.  Here are a few pictures I came across while looking for images.  I had completely forgotten about them.  This is is my gorgeous husband.

Photo 10

Photo 9Photo 17Photo 13

Garden Spot Run

This morning, Chad and I ran in the Garden Spot Run 5K in Franklin. I had run in the Trooper Island 5K in July to kind of prepare for this race, but other than that, this was the first 5K for me and Chad in about 2 years. In the 5K I ran a few weeks ago, my time was about 34 minutes. I felt good when I ran, but I wanted my time to be better. Chad and I have been doing some training ever since to prepare for today’s race. We are just getting back into it, but I am very happy with how we did. I finished with a time of 30:34, and Chad’s time was somewhere around 32 minutes. I would still like to get my time under 30, but I’m please at how I did. I’m really proud of Chad. He hadn’t been running until the past month or so, and he hasn’t been able to run as much as me, so he did great!

I work in Franklin and our school system has begun a new health initiative. So, my school got a team together to enter the race. There were 4 of us who ran, and 14 who registered to walk. I say registered because 1 woman decided to sit it out on the sidelines, and another took a different route so she wouldn’t have to walk the entire course.

We left before the awards ceremony was over, but we stayed long enough to hear that we did not win our age groups or any door prizes. We want to keep training, and hopefully the next one we run we will get under 30 and place.

No More Naked Door

I like to decorate or house, especially for seasons, but during the summer, there isn’t much you can do except brighten the house with lovely flowers.  I bought some silk flowers to put in the vase in our hallway, and that made me happy for a while, but I began to feel like the front of our house was naked.

I’d been wanting a spring/summer wreath since Easter was over and I took down the little egg decoration that had been hanging on the front door.  The problem wasn’t that I couldn’t find a wreath I like.  The problem was that I wasn’t willing to spend $50 for  it.  One day while showing Chad a particular wreath that I thought was pretty nice, he mentioned that I could probably make one just like it.  I thought, he’s right!  So, that’s exactly what I did.  I went to Hobby Lobby during a time when their floral stuff was half off.  I purchased the wreath base and then picked out flowers that I thought would look gorgeous together.  I brought it all home and put it together, hot-gluing to secure the flowers.  I tied a ribbon on the back to hang it up, and it is now adorning our front door.  I have to say that I am more pleased with this wreath than any other that I saw to purchase.  I’m so glad I was able to make it just the way I wanted, and, the best part, for under $25! That might seem like a lot, but comparable wreaths that I liked and wanted to buy were originally $80-$100. Even on sale, they don’t beat the price of this Jennie-made wreath. Feel free to stop by and admire it or wave to it.  There are only a couple more months until the fall decor goes up.

Top Ten Reasons I Think my Husband is the Cutest

#10 He times how long we cook our meat at The Melting Pot to ensure it has been exactly 2 minutes.

#9 He tucks me in with a kiss EVERY night and answers when I call for my “tucker.”

#8 To appease me, he wears his snowman pajama pants at Christmas time.

#7 He takes his Harry Potter book with him everywhere “just in case” there is a chance he can read it.

#6 When he knows how my sentence is going to end, he mouths along with my words without realizing it.

#5 He throws a little hissy fit when he has to go back to work after lunch.

#4 He gave me this t-square to help with Uppercase Living.

#3 He says, “Look, my socks match my outfit.”

#2 He actually believed that it was me under the covers and told the pillows, “wakey, wakey.”

#1 Just look at that face.

I love you, cutie!