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Knock, Knock

We haven’t posted much lately, so I hate that this is the first thing I’m writing about in a while.  Do not read this if you have a weak stomach. If a stranger came to your house and asked to use your bathroom, would you let them in?  Ok, what if this stranger told you […]

My Chad

I had a training for school today.  Here are a few pictures I came across while looking for images.  I had completely forgotten about them.  This is is my gorgeous husband.

New Hosting

Yay new hosting! So this is a test post and image upload test. Yay worked!

Garden Spot Run

This morning, Chad and I ran in the Garden Spot Run 5K in Franklin. I had run in the Trooper Island 5K in July to kind of prepare for this race, but other than that, this was the first 5K for me and Chad in about 2 years. In the 5K I ran a few […]

No More Naked Door

I like to decorate or house, especially for seasons, but during the summer, there isn’t much you can do except brighten the house with lovely flowers.  I bought some silk flowers to put in the vase in our hallway, and that made me happy for a while, but I began to feel like the front […]

#10 He times how long we cook our meat at The Melting Pot to ensure it has been exactly 2 minutes. #9 He tucks me in with a kiss EVERY night and answers when I call for my “tucker.” #8 To appease me, he wears his snowman pajama pants at Christmas time. #7 He takes […]


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