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Halloween Treats

Last night, Chad and I celebrated halloween with our friends by inviting members of our Sunday school over.  Chad wore a Spiderman t-shirt as his costume, and I was a whoopie cushion.  We played games and ate some yummy treats.  I’ve always seen lots of cute halloween treats in magazines and wanted to make them, […]

Cumberland Falls

On the way home from Gatlinburg, our GPS took us north on I75, which allowed for a perfect little stop along the way.  I have to mention that it was the most gorgeous day on Wednesday.  The sun was bright, not a cloud in the sky, and a cool crisp air.  The drive was beautiful, […]


After leaving Atlanta, Chad and I drove to Gatlinburg for a few days of fun.  We both had been before, but this was the first time going together.  It was a great fall trip.  We got to our condo where we were staying.  It was Bent Creek Golf Village.  The place was nice, but we […]

On Friday, Chad and I took the day off and headed down to Atlanta for Glenn and Lane’s wedding.  Chad was a groomsman in the wedding, so we had to get down there in the afternoon for him to try on his tux.  He looked so good in it, and I even thought the jacket […]

Wild Things

I haven’t bought any toys in a long long time (3+ years), however, when I did I got made fun of a bit. Mainly from my friends who thought it was stupid to buy these things and leave them unopened. I have about 100 unopened toys that I got in the past 10 years. Most […]


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