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To go along with David’s post I wanted to mention some books I have read this year. I finished this book in Jan, but started it about 5 months earlier. It was a pretty good read. It got me in the mood to hike the Appalachian Trail. But then I got sleepy. I have read […]

Conan’s Final Thoughts

Maybe Jennie can come up with some non Conan related posts soon! The “idea” for the image above was from another site and decided to update it a bit (the hair image itself is from an art series).

I’m with Coco.

I love Conan. This stuff with NBC is depressing. (*edit – When I say depressing, I don’t mean on any sort of real scale. The guy is still worth millions and could never work again in his life. It is depressing in the way that he seems like a genuinely nice guy who really wanted […]

Christmas Earrings

You may recall that Chad got me some beautiful diamond earrings for Christmas.  Some may also know that we have a ring holder in our bathroom that we keep our wedding rings on when we aren’t wearing them.  Well, I decided that this would be the perfect place to keep the earrings because of its […]


We didn’t get that much snow, but it was enough to make the town of Bowling Green pretty white… and enough to get me 3 snow days so far.  This allows for more time to blog. The heat in our house hasn’t appreciated the cold temperatures.  It refuses to get above 65 degrees on its […]

Christmas ’09

Chad and I are super blessed to have another great Christmas time together. At school, I got more presents than ever from my students.  The most popular gift to get Mrs. Webb this year?  A mug!  Whether filled with candy or part of a hot chocolate set, you apparently couldn’t go wrong with a mug.  […]


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