Spring Break 2011

This week was my spring break, and although I didn’t do much, I got to have a little fun in Louisville over the weekend. Friday, after school, Chad and I (followed by the Bakers) headed for Louisville to watch the Southeast Christian Easter pageant. My mom has been attending Southeast for a while now, and she joined the pageant’s choir. Because she wears glasses (and they didn’t have those back then), my mom sang with a large group in the chapel and they helped support those who were actually on stage. So, although you couldn’t see her, you could hear her. I’m so proud of her! This was I think my 3rd time seeing the pageant, but it was the 1st time for Chad and the Bakers. They loved it. And even though I’d seen it, I was still inspired by the awesome music and the story of the sacrifice Christ made for me. I’d tell you to go see it some time, but this was actually the last year for the pageant and we went on the last night.

On Sunday, Jill, my mom, and I drove to Edinburg, Indiana to do some outlet shopping. Although it was a little windy, it was a beautiful day. We were there for hours and got a lot of good deals. We also ate at the Snappy Tomato for lunch, which was super good.

I ate breakfast with my dad on Monday at a newer place called Wild Eggs. It was really good. I had scrambled eggs and Jill had recommended an everything muffin. It was yummy. I thought it tasted kind of like a hush puppy. That would have been enough to satisfy me, but I couldn’t help getting one of “The King Would Eat These” pancakes. It was a pancake with banana and topped with peanut butter syrup. I didn’t get the chocolate chips, but it was so good! Next time, I will have to try the CoCo’s Chocolate Concoction. Check out this description: chocolate waffle, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, mini-marshmallows, house-made marshmallow cream, toasted almonds, and powdered sugar. It sounds more like a dessert, but if I go for breakfast again, I’m definitely trying it.

The rest of the week, I’ve been home, cleaning, being lazy, and working on my Take One paper. Chad hasn’t been especially busy with work, so we’ve been able to hang out a lot. It’s been relaxing and nice. When I go back to school next week, it will be the beginning of a mad dash to get all content covered, so I’m happy to spend some time not doing a whole lot.

Uppercase Dying

After selling Uppercase Living for a little over 2 years, I have now stopped being a demonstrator. I really liked doing it, and I liked the products, but I just couldn’t keep up the sales. I thought it would be so easy to sell, but people weren’t eating it up like I was. You are required to have $300 in sales every quarter, which isn’t a lot if you are having parties, but I just wasn’t. There were several times when I purchased items just so I could reach my sales. It seemed to be counter-productive, even though I liked the stuff, because I was spending money when I was supposed to be making some. UL also has new catalogs, colors, and products come out every quarter so I feel like I have to buy them to show them. I decided last year not to buy for the sake of making sales anymore. I wouldn’t mind breaking even; I just didn’t want to lose any.

I had fun selling it, but I’m kind of glad to be done. I think I got in on it a little late. There are so many places you can buy vinyl lettering now (and most times cheaper). It didn’t always make sense to pay for shipping and wait two weeks when you could get it from a local store. It’s also good because I’ve been able to clean up our office. It’s not cluttered with all my stuff for parties anymore. I also don’t have to worry in the back of my mind about whether I will sell enough. Perhaps, in the future, I will find something else that I like and would like to sell, but for now, I will stick to just being a teacher. Thanks everyone who helped my business!

Cable and DVR are coming back!

We canceled our cable back in May because Insight thought it would be cute to jump our bill up to $140 a month, where it was under $100. After canceling cable I started a Netflix account and that has been pretty good. Jennie has been a good sport about the whole thing, but doesn’t really use Netflix. Yesterday I called Insight to see if I could get a deal that would be under $100. They offered me something for $126, so I said forget it. Today I called back and was able to get everything we had before for under $100.

<rant>Why is there such a discrepancy between what it costs? And why do they try to sell me a phone line  EVERY SINGLE TIME I CALL? The rep yesterday informed me that I could keep my existing cell phone service with AT&T and get their land line. OH REALLY????? Well thank you so much for allowing me to keep a service not offered by your company. If I get your land line can I also keep my electric at my house? What about gas? Will you let me keep that too?</rant>

Basically my point is that I have posted twice in two days.

Master Bath Sinks FINALLY Fixed

It has been almost a year that I have been dealing with getting a dripping faucet fixed in our master bath. It went from just needing a $10 part, to needing all new faucets and bowls. Well it is finally done.