Starting the Nursery

We made the first steps to preparing the nursery today. We cleared out a lot of things from both rooms, rearranged the computer setup, and ultimately moved the guest bedroom furniture into the office. It is now a multifunctional room where people can sleep or work. I really like it. I thought it would be really cramped, but I think we got rid of/moved so much stuff that it worked out great. Thanks to Jeremy Baker for helping Chad move all the furniture!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any before pictures, but here is the new guest bedroom/office.
And here is the new nursery! (So far, of course)

Infant Car Seat

We made our first “real” baby purchase today. We bought an infant car seat, the Graco SnugRide 35 from Babies R Us. The two main reasons we bought it were the fact that it was on sale and had great reviews. We spent some time tonight playing with it and I put it in Jennie’s car.

I think I may try to document all the stuff we actually buy just to see what the final cost is before she arrives. I do love playing with spreadsheets to track our money.


Gender Reveal to Family

Today we had some of the family over to reveal the gender of baby Webb. It was a good time full of overeating and fun. Thank you all for taking the time to come and celebrate with us!

We’re Having a Baby!

If you haven’t yet heard the news, Chad and I are expecting our first child in November. We are very excited, and hopefully, that means more posts. We knew our families would be excited too, so we decided to surprise them and capture their reactions on video.

NOTE: You may need to turn up the volume on the ones taken with my phone (Jill, Travis, & Jessie)

We planned to tell all of Chad’s family together, but Ashley, Brock, and Brody came by earlier in the week and I had accidentally left out our camera and a sign that said 10 weeks. I knew Brock saw it, so we went ahead and told them.

A few weeks before we planned to tell my family, Travis (my brother-in-law) texted Chad and asked if he would be interested in going with the other guys to the Bengals/Raiders game. Travis and Brendan (other BIL) love the Bengals and my dad loves the Raiders. The game is on November 25… my due date! Chad told him that he would talk it over with me and let him know. That is how the idea of the game tickets came about. We told my parents, Jill, and Travis that we had already gotten tickets for that day. Unfortunately we couldn’t get them together all at the same time.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to tell Jessie in person, so I wanted to tell her before everyone else. I tried to FaceTime with her Wednesday (the day I went to the doctor), texted her and tried to FaceTime twice on Thursday, and then tried to FaceTime again Friday right after we told my mom and dad. She finally called me back Friday night at about midnight after I had already gotten ready for bed. I thought for sure she had to suspect it, but she had no clue… even after telling her.

Jerry’s birthday had been earlier in the week, so on Saturday, Peggy had the whole family over. Chad and I had made a cake that said “We’re having a baby” and kept it covered and in the garage until after we had eaten. He brought it out as we sang happy birthday. Jerry thought I was taking a picture, so perhaps he was more focused on posing than actually reading the cake.

We are so happy to share this time with everyone!

Welcome to 2012

The new year always means a couple things for me. Lots of regret for the 10K calorie days the weeks before and resolutions. Can’t do much about those fatty days weeks back, but I can try to move forward on some resolutions. I do have some this year and I thought it might help me to put them out there.

  • Run 60 miles a month – Really this is just on here to make me exercise. I can’t say that I like running, I just don’t think it is that hard to do anymore and it is an quick way to knock out some cardio. I really like the app RunKeeper to track my running.
  • Drop 15 lbs – I have gained back about 15 lbs from my lowest point. I really hate that. I am trying to start the calorie counting again using The Daily Plate. That is what helped me so much the first time. I don’t want it to take a year I want to have those 15 lbs dropped by March. I feel that is totally doable if I stick to the exercise and stick to the calorie plan.
  • Read a book a month – I say this every year.
  • Start a side business – I say this every year.
  • Blog more – I say this every year.
  • Read through the Bible
  • Take more trips – I want to make more time to get out of town. Jennie and I plan to try a long trip this summer where I can work from our location while she is out for summer break. That was one of the main reasons I wanted a work from home job, so that I had the freedom to work from anywhere. I want to put it into practice this summer and see how it works out.
  • Play more video games, watch more football and UK basketball games – Just putting this on here so I have something to point out to Jennie if she says I am doing to much of any of those. Sorry honey, it was a new years resolution…why do you want me to fail?
  • Play more volleyball and basketball. Last year we played lots of volleyball and basketball. This year we have the potential to play 2 nights of vball a week but the basketball has kind of fizzled out. I need to get back on that. I do want video of me slamming a basketball two handed during a game just to show my kids I was able to do it at one time. That brings up something else I should put down as a resolution.
  • Dunk two handed – I can dunk one handed occasionally, if the time of day is right and the moon is such that it pulls me closer to the basket. Not consistently. This is something else I think I could easily do with just a few months of work. I turn 32 this year, I don’t think I have much jumping left in me soon.

If I do two of these things I will be happy and if I could do all of them that would be pretty good too.

Maybe I will blog tomorrow about weight loss stuff or books I want to read. Maybe I won’t post again till 2013. I never did that last day of NYC post.

Maybe I should just say until we speak again and leave you with a picture of Jennie and I in a giant rocking chair.

Rocking chair at Cock of the Walk