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Piper and Poppy Videos

Piper meets Poppy for the first time. Piper thinks about holding Poppy.

Piper is a little loopy

Piper had to get some anesthesia before getting her MRI last week. That meant she needed an IV. To put the IV in they like to get the kids a little calm, which means they give them basically what is like Valium.  She was pretty chill after getting that.  

Piper’s First Solid Food

We started Piper on “solid” food this weekend. It is squash. I would love to feed her all the stuff I don’t like and maybe she won’t be as picky as me.  

Piper Playing with a Balloon

A couple things to ignore. That horrific hoodie. Rock Chalk YaLostLastYear. It was a 5 buck purchase last fall in Wisconsin because I was cold. The child abuse at 1:21.

We’re Having a Baby!

If you haven’t yet heard the news, Chad and I are expecting our first child in November. We are very excited, and hopefully, that means more posts. We knew our families would be excited too, so we decided to surprise them and capture their reactions on video. NOTE: You may need to turn up the […]

Annie Are You OK?

Jackson had a ton of problems in his life, but he made some very good music. Smooth Criminal blows my mind everytime I see a video for it. I think they next time I am at the bank or the grocery store I might just do that lean at a 45 degree angle move just […]


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