Atlanta Weekend Trip

This Saturday morning, Chad and I packed our bags and headed out on the road with one thing in mind… Celine Dion!  Ok, Chad, not so much, but I was looking forward to that evening when Celine would be in concert in Atlanta.  Jessie and I were able to go thanks to Brendan.  He bought her tickets and invited me to go with her.  My sisters, my mom, and I saw Celine Dion in concert in Las Vegas back in ’04, and Jessie and I had both gotten her newest CD for Christmas last year, so we were super excited about seeing her again.  We had high expectations, and we hoped that this concert would be better than the show in Vegas.

You see, the costume changes in Vegas were what seemed like 30 minutes as we watched practically a ballet.  That wasn’t so bad, but when she started to sing “Love Can Move Mountains,” she told everyone to stand, and so we did.  Then, on the next song, she said to stay standing.  How could refuse?  Celine Dion just told us to stand.  Well, apparently, the people behind us didn’t like that and a gentleman commanded, “Young lady, this is not a rock concert.  Sit down.”  We didn’t right away, but we eventually chickened out and sat.  It kind of ruined the rest of the concert for us.

Well, this time in Atlanta, we had a much better time.  The costume changes were a lot faster, and no one told us to sit down.  I felt like it was more of concert where we could sing along (which we did) and not just passively watch a show.  It was a great time!

I was off school on Monday for MLK day, so Chad took off too.  We had a nice long weekend and were able to see the Bodies Exhibition, which the rest of the Webbs saw over the summer.  It was pretty interesting.  The body is so complex.  Who else, but God, could have designed something so amazing?  It kind of makes me appreciate doctors, who have to understand all of the things that make us function.  The neatest part was seeing real embryos and fetuses at different ages (2 weeks up to 28 weeks).  It is incredible to see how small we begin and how quickly a baby forms into being.

They had a combo for the Bodies exhibit and another tour called “Dailog in the Dark.”  It was a tour guided by a blind person, and it is in complete darkness.  We each got walking canes to help, but we mostly had to rely on our other senses.  It was really cool.  At first, it was a little scary.  I guess that is because it reminded me of a haunted house, and I feared any moment someone would jump out to scare me.  It also made me nervous because there were 8 of us, and the first thing our guide said was, “Come toward my voice and go through this door.”  I thought, we’re all going to run into each other. As it turns out, there was a lot of that, but no one ever got hurt.  Once I got used to it, I just remembered what they had told us before the tour- no where else would we be able to experience something like this in a safe environment.

Knowing that it was safe, I let go and explored the surroundings.  We both had a lot of fun, and I was trying to be the first person to find the things the guide asked us to find or describe to her what I felt.  I think Chad and I were the best.  I found the cooler at the grocery store and Chad was able to identify the type of car parked on the side of the street.  I won’t tell you what it was in case you get to go.  If you do get a chance to check it out, I would defeintely recommend Dialog in the Dark.  It is a very unique experience, and it helps you appreciate what you have.

Camping…sort of

This weekend we were given the opportunity to go camping at Cages Bend Campground near Hendersonville, TN.  Jerry and Peggy drove his RV down to a nice campsite right on the lake.  They set it up, and got everything ready for us.  They even had firewood left for us and waters in the fridge.  When we left, we packed up our stuff and left the RV just as we found it.  All the grunt work was done for us- you know, the part of camping that nobody likes.  They really made it easy for us, and we appreciate all they did to make us have a great weekend.  Thanks guys!

We headed down on Friday after Chad got home from work.  We didn’t go to the grocery before, so we planned to go when we got down there.  The site was really nice.  It was pretty and clean and very spacious.  The RV was nice too.  We basically dropped our stuff off and headed into town (which was only 5 miles from the campground).  At this point, we were already hungry and didn’t want to wait or mess with cooking anything, so we went out to dinner at Demos’.  Yum!  Then, we went to the grocery store and picked up a few items (stuff to make sandwiches, stuff to make smores, breakfast bars, bananas, wet wipes, and bug spray).  We made smores when we got back to the site, but that was pretty much it.  I was pooped and I went straight to sleep.

The next morning, we slept in a little.  Chad didn’t sleep well in that bed.  We got up, ate breakfast, and ran a lap around the campground.  Next, we sat out in our chairs by the lake and went through some of a study we have been doing together.  It’s called, “Before You Say I Do.”  Needless to say, we’ve been working on it for a while.  We only got 2 chapters done before we got married, but we thought it was such a good study that we wanted to continue with it.  We ate lunch and played a new game that we got called electronic A to Z.  It’s pretty fun.  It’s a good little game to play with just 2 people.  Although we didn’t do much, we were kind of tired so we took a nap.  I slept in a chair out in the sun and Chad slept in the air conditioned motor home with the tv on.  After our nap, we showered and got ready for dinner.  We didn’t have anything to cook, so we met Jerry and Peggy for dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  Then, they showed us around the area as we looked at million+ dollar homes.  They came back to camp with us to have smores, and when they left, Chad and I played Phase 10.  It’s a long game, but it goes by a lot quicker when you only have 2 people.  We packed up some and went to bed.

The next morning, we woke up earlier than planned, so we did a little more of our marriage study and then got ready for church.  We went to church with Jerry and Peggy instead of trying to make it back in time for Living Hope.  Finally, we headed home.  Chad had a migraine and felt really bad, so we didn’t stick around.  He was kind enough to let me stop at Quiznos on the way home.  I love that place and we don’t have one in Bowling Green anymore.  Chad is feeling much better now.  He got a nap and was able to go to choir and play volleyball tonight.  We had a great weekend, and we hope to go camping again soon.  Maybe next time we will “rough it” a little more.  We don’t want our tent and sleeping bags to go to waste.