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Conan’s Final Thoughts

Maybe Jennie can come up with some non Conan related posts soon! The “idea” for the image above was from another site and decided to update it a bit (the hair image itself is from an art series).

I’m with Coco.

I love Conan. This stuff with NBC is depressing. (*edit – When I say depressing, I don’t mean on any sort of real scale. The guy is still worth millions and could never work again in his life. It is depressing in the way that he seems like a genuinely nice guy who really wanted […]

Lifetime and Eternity

Ok, I hate to admit it, but I watched that show on Lifetime called Drop Dead Diva, and I kinda liked it.  It is about this cute model who dies, and when a gate keeper is trying to decide whether she should go to heaven or hell, the girl hits a button to make her […]

Fan of Glee

So, it’s official… Glee is my new favorite show!  The premiere was tonight, and although I had seen most of the scenes in the previews, I still thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s pretty funny, and I just love a show that I can sing along with. Just wanted to also mention that I am also a […]


I have huge hopes for this show…hopes that it has no chance of meeting. I mean like Arrested Development type hope. Unfair much Chad? Dang, I love musicals…what is wrong with me? I also think I love Journey. And Milkshakes…and burritos. BONUS! Arrested Development shout out!

Goodbye Conan!

Conan’s last episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien is tonight. Ok, well he isn’t going far, but with his new gig on The Tonight Show, I am sure some things will change. Here are a few of my favorite clips of Conan’s. Triumph and the Star Wars Fans Picking Apples with Mr. T.


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