National Boards

I recently accomplished something very exciting that was quickly overshadowed by the birth of Piper. On November 17th (the day before Piper was born), I found out that I had become a National Board Certified teacher (NBCT). This certification was the end to a 2-year long process of videoing, documenting, and writing about my teaching. It was a lot of work that seemed overwhelming at times, but sometimes fun in a weird way. I really like having a finished product at the end of a long-term goal. It’s such a great feeling. To submit my entries for NB, I had to mail a box of several 12-page papers among other things by March 31st. It felt really good to put it all together and send off what I had been working on for so long… even though I knew it would be 7 1/2 months before I would find out if I passed.

At the post office about to mail my National Board entries

On March 7th, they had a recognition ceremony for all Kentucky NBCTs who certified in 2012. I went and listened to the governor and many representatives offer congratulations. It probably wasn’t worth the 2 1/2-hour drive, but it still felt like an honor. I’m pretty proud to be one of only 102,237 NBCTs in the country and one of only 3,752 who share my same certification (Early Adolescence Math). I don’t set too many goals, but this was a big one for me and I’m happy to share that I reached it. I know I would not have been able to do it without Chad. He was a huge help and motivator the whole way!

Kentucky National Board Certified Teachers 2012
Kentucky National Board Certified Teachers 2012
Governor Steve Beshear
Governor Steve Beshear


Finally! I don’t know what I got on this last final, but I know it was good enough to get a B in the class, which is fine with me.

This “journey” has taken for-frickin-ever. So starting in 1st grade, I have been taking classes 21 of the last 23 years. I took a two year break right after undergrad. With that much time in school I should be able to perform brain surgery or at least a backiotomy.

I wanted to take a picture with the prof when I turned in my test, but decided that was uber lame. So I just took this shot of the last time I plan on seeing the inside of Grise Hall ever again.

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week was teacher appreciation week, and although I expected the usual food from parents and a fern from the school, I didn’t really expect anything from any students.  I received a couple hand-made cards, which were cute, but check out this gift set from a girl in my homeroom.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  I thought the gesture was very nice and found it very funny that something like this was ever created.

Well, I just thought I would share that with you before I eat dinner out of my “soup-er teacher” soup bowl and go pamper myself with “greatest teacher shower gel” and “A+ teacher body souffle.”

Go Ladycats!

We haven’t written much in a while. I don’t think there has been too much exciting stuff going on, so I thought I’d mention something. Last night we went to Diddle Arena to watch the Franklin Simpson Ladycats play in the regional finals. They did a great job against Barren County, winning 55 to 24. It’s neat to see some of these girls because I taught a few of them my first year teaching. Although the game was not very exciting, the news that followed was: Franklin Simpson schools will be closed on Wednesday to allow everyone to go to the game. Woo hoo! The game is at Diddle, and I will be there. Yay day off!

Happy Columbus Day!

Usually, we never get Columbus day off at school, but for some reason we did this year.  I think it was simply to give all of us teachers one more day of fall break.  I have been on fall break all week, and I finally have to go back tomorrow.  Am I ready?  No.  I haven’t done a bit of schoolwork since we got out of school.  That is why it is so fortunate that I get this day to do all the work I should have done over the break.  On Friday before I left, I put up a new bulletin board for fall.  I told someone that I knew once I got a taste of lazy, I wouldn’t want to do it anymore.  It’s true.  And here I am writing a post instead of doing what I should.  So, I must go to school now and put in grades, make new seating charts, and prepare lessons.  Happy Columbus day!