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Blizzard ’09

OK, so it’s not so much a blizzard, but it is the first snow we have seen on our house… and my second day off school in a row. Here is the view from the front door and the backdoor while it was snowing.  I didn’t want to go out there. Our little snow-capped home.  […]

Ice Storm ’09

Here are some pictures from the ice storm.  What else was I going to do on my snow day?  It is supposed to snow tonight, and our WKU classes got cancelled.  Yay!  Maybe we will have more pictures tomorrow. This is is one of our little trees in our little backyard. This is the large […]

I decided to update our theme and try to make it look a little cleaner. I like this one, I hope Jennie will grow to love it. Let us know what you think. Also I have added a plugin that ties into our flickr account. There is now a photos page you can check out. […]

Christmas time

Chad and I feel so blessed to have our house.  We love living here.  We have really been looking forward to decorating it for Christmas, so as soon as we got back after Thanksgiving, we hauled out all the decorations.  It was lots of fun, and now our house feels more festive.  Last year after […]

Here is the slideshow that Chad and I made for my grandfather’s visitation.  I think the family enjoyed it a lot.  The funeral was very nice (sad, but nice).  His friend, Elmer, spoke and shared about my grandpa’s faith in God.  It was a blessing to hear that confirmation that he loved the Lord and […]

Honeymoon Pics…Finally!

Here you go, real pics from the honeymoon. We also took some with an underwater camera as well.


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