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Welcome to 2012

The new year always means a couple things for me. Lots of regret for the 10K calorie days the weeks before and resolutions. Can’t do much about those fatty days weeks back, but I can try to move forward on some resolutions. I do have some this year and I thought it might help me […]

Wild Things

I haven’t bought any toys in a long long time (3+ years), however, when I did I got made fun of a bit. Mainly from my friends who thought it was stupid to buy these things and leave them unopened. I have about 100 unopened toys that I got in the past 10 years. Most […]

Knock, Knock

We haven’t posted much lately, so I hate that this is the first thing I’m writing about in a while.  Do not read this if you have a weak stomach. If a stranger came to your house and asked to use your bathroom, would you let them in?  Ok, what if this stranger told you […]

100 Posts

I like to celebrate milestones in our life and in our marriage, so why not on our website as well?  I noticed when I finished my last post that we have now written and published 100 posts (this one makes 101). On average, we have written a post every 5.6 days.  January is the month […]

We’re back!

We made it home from Hawaii safely.  We had a wonderful time and hope to share our pictures and experiences with you soon! While in Honolulu, Chad was told, once again, that he looks like Ben Affleck.  How many times do you have to be told you look like someone before you quit your job […]

Humble Beginnings

I found this today and it cracked me up. So young to the internet game, so niave of what possibilities lay in front of me, totally not knowing what WordPress was. Congrats to insight for never getting rid of anything off their servers. I think HDJ may start back soon, maybe after school.


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