Ice Storm ’09

Here are some pictures from the ice storm.  What else was I going to do on my snow day?  It is supposed to snow tonight, and our WKU classes got cancelled.  Yay!  Maybe we will have more pictures tomorrow.

This is is one of our little trees in our little backyard.

This is the large tree that hangs over our bedroom.  There are several trees down around town, so Chad is really worried about this big guy.

The bushes in the front- they look pretty.


Brrrrr… even the garden flag is frozen.

Although it is nice to have the day off school, I don’t like the fact that AT&T has no service right now.  I’m not ignoring your call!

Christmas time

Chad and I feel so blessed to have our house.  We love living here.  We have really been looking forward to decorating it for Christmas, so as soon as we got back after Thanksgiving, we hauled out all the decorations.  It was lots of fun, and now our house feels more festive.  Last year after Christmas, we bought a bunch of stuff on clearance.  Every time I pulled something else out of a bag or unwrapped it from tissue paper, it was like opening a present.

Last year, Chad got me a stocking with my initial on it in rhinestones.  We got it out and hung it up on the mantle. It looked so lovely, but then I realized we won’t have matching stockings.  The big fuzzy red ones are going to look funny next to mine.  Oh well, I thought, we’ll just have to look for something close.  Later, as I was looking through our clearance items, I pulled out another bag and low and behold, there was a stocking that matched mine with a rhinestone “C.”  

We love sitting in our home with no lights on but the lights from the tree. Here are some pictures of our decorations.


I normally don’t go to bed before midnight at least 4 nights out of the week at a minimum. Jennie is in bed most of time before or around 10:30 every night. A couple nights ago I was on my way to bed about 12:30 and Jennie had been in bed and asleep for at least an hour. I turned off all the lights in the house as usual and walked through the dark to the bedroom.

When I got to the bedroom door and opened it, Jennie was giggling. I said,  “What are you laughing at?”

Her response, “He He He…noises”.

I walked up to her in the dark where she was lying down and went to kiss her. She leaned up and kissed me, but then, and here is the weird and awesome part, she reached her arms out and started tickling me around my chest and ribs making funny gibberish noises.

I was cracking up. I turned on the bathroom light, and said, “Are you ok? What are you doing?”

She said, “What are you doing? Why are you waking me up and turning on lights?”

So I realized that she had finally actually woken up.

Yes, my wife sleep tickled me.

First Uppercase Living Party

For those of you who don’t know, I have started selling Uppercase Living products.  These are cute vinyl expressions that can be placed on walls or other surfaces.  There were too many that I wanted, so I knew I couldn’t just buy the products.   Chad would not have let me get all the things I wanted if I had to pay for them.  So, my only option was to sell them myself.  I’ve never wanted to do something like this before.  I always felt like these jobs were a nuisance to friends.  I don’t want to bug my friends to buy things or make them feel like I’m constantly trying to sell them things.  Hopefully, I won’t have to do that.  I really think the Uppercase Living items sell themselves, especially if you are in to decorating your home.  Here is a picture of something I made tonight by putting Uppercase Living products that I created on a tile I bought at Lowes.

Well, anyway, tonight I had my first party and I played hostess too.  I invited over some friends to check out the Uppercase Living and so I could practice.  Only 3 girls were able to come, so it was a pretty intimate event.  I think it was a little weird presenting to my friends.  It probably would have been easier if I had been talking to a group of strangers.  Once again, I really don’t want to bug my friends.  I don’t want to risk harming a relationship because I seem pushy.  Overall, it was a nice evening, and I’m glad I’ve got my first party under my belt.

One of the best things about the party was the refreshments.  We had sausage balls, cheese ball, bread and bacon dip, and my new favorite Funfetti cake cookies.  The cookie recipe can be found on the side of a Funfetti cake mix.  They taste like a combination of sugar cookies and cake batter.  You top them with the rainbow chip icing and you have a super yummy dessert that no one can resist.  I think I might have to go get one now.

Home Sweet Home

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. Well, I have big news. We bought a house! Yes, we will be homeowners when we close on March 17th. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to us! It is a very cozy and cute brick house here in BG. This will be my first house, and I’m so excited. We will have a couple months to get it ready and get moved in before the wedding. This house will be the “Webbs’ residence,” so neither of us will live there until we officially become the Webbs. This was the first house for the couple we bought it from too. I can’t wait to be Chad’s wife and live with him there! He has done such a good job of getting everything taken care of with the house, and I really appreciate it. It’s fun to have a mental image when I think about our future together.

I know the wedding is not that far away, but I’m so stinkin excited that I wish it were here tomorrow! I love you, Chad!