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New Baby…GIRL

We found out this week that the newest addition to our family is a girl. This weekend, we told our families. Click each pic for some fun “auto-awesome” action. The first 2 are from Blake’s birthday party. The last 2 are of the gender reveals.

Gender Reveal to Family

Today we had some of the family over to reveal the gender of baby Webb. It was a good time full of overeating and fun. Thank you all for taking the time to come and celebrate with us!

We’re Having a Baby!

If you haven’t yet heard the news, Chad and I are expecting our first child in November. We are very excited, and hopefully, that means more posts. We knew our families would be excited too, so we decided to surprise them and capture their reactions on video. NOTE: You may need to turn up the […]

Canada-Part 3: Ottawa

Wednesday, June 15th- North Bay We hit the road this morning for the long haul to North Bay. Our final destination is Ottawa, but we did not want to make the entire drive in one day (especially with Brody). On the way out of Timmins, we stopped at a Giant Tiger store and I got […]

Canada- Part 2: Timmins

Monday, June 13th- Timmins Today we hit the road and took the boring trip from Sudbury to Timmins (home of Shania Twain). It seemed to take forever, but it really only took about 5 hours with a couple stops. We checked in to the beautiful Cedar Meadows resort and spa. We won’t be taking advantage […]

Canada- Part 1: Sudbury

I wrote a little each day while we were in Canada so that I would be sure to have a post. Here is the beginning of our trip. Friday, June 10th-Nashville/Toronto We finally got in to Toronto tonight. Our flight was scheduled for 10:45 this morning. So we loaded up and left from Bowling Green […]


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