Piper- 22 Months Old


Piper turns 22 months old today.

  • weighs about 32 pounds
  • wears size 6 diapers
  • wears mostly size 24 months / 2T clothes
  • wears size 8 shoes
  • can count 1 to 10 missing a few numbers here and there
  • can say the alphabet, but not very well
  • car seat has moved behind the driver to make way for Poppy
  • getting very picky about what she eats
  • likes: cleaning, yogurt, number flash cards, peanut butter, medicine
  • dislikes: not being picked up when she asks, new teeth

Piper’s back molars are coming in  and this has caused her to be extra fussy. This plays itself out at school by kids crowding her and not backing off so she starts to “explore them with her mouth” (bite).