Piper- 17 Months


Piper turns 17 months old today.

  • weighs about 27 pounds
  • wears size 5 diapers
  • wears mostly size 18-24 months clothes
  • wears size 5 shoes
  • has 12 teeth
  • can slide down a slide by herself
  • has started saying “mommy” instead of “mama”- I love it!
  • tries to put her shoes and socks on
  • has added “button”, “sticker”, “Piper”, “fish”, “bird”, “teeth”, “cheese”, “Elmo”, and a few others to her vocabulary
  • likes: carrying around a purse (or bag of some kind), Easter egg hunts, putting on lotion/ hand sanitizer
  • dislikes: napping in the afternoon sometimes

Piper has impressed several people with her knowledge of colors, but the truth is, when asked what color something is, she always says “purple” . It just so happens that that has been the first color a few people have asked her. It does seem impressive that a 17 month-old can not only recognize but also verbalize the color that they see. Yeah, that would be impressive. But with Piper, it’s just luck that you asked the right color.


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