Piper- 5 Months Old


Piper turns 5 months old today.

• weighs about 18.2  pounds
• wears size 3 diapers
• wears size 3-6 months clothes
• eats rice cereal and will start stage 1 baby food soon
• is no longer swaddled at night- just a sleep sack
• blows raspberries
• likes: her “happy bear”, reaching for things, putting everything in her mouth, sitting upright, her sleep giraffe, looking in the mirror, swinging
• dislikes: being tired, getting burped, the Louisville Cardinals

Recently, Chad and I have noticed how much Piper loves her “happy bear” that hangs above her changing table. It’s small, and if you push a button, it lights up and sings “I am a bear, a happy bear, a hungry bear, a sleepy bear. I am a bear, a happy bear. Oh won’t you play with me.” When she’s on the table, she will look over at it, and when you make it start to sing, she always smiles. It is so cute. I’d like to say I picked this toy out for her, but the truth is someone found it in the parking lot at my school and the secretary told me to take it because kids were driving her crazy playing with it after school. I randomly decided to hang it on an existing nail one day and that is where it will stay so that she can not put it in her mouth.