Cable and DVR are coming back!

We canceled our cable back in May because Insight thought it would be cute to jump our bill up to $140 a month, where it was under $100. After canceling cable I started a Netflix account and that has been pretty good. Jennie has been a good sport about the whole thing, but doesn’t really use Netflix. Yesterday I called Insight to see if I could get a deal that would be under $100. They offered me something for $126, so I said forget it. Today I called back and was able to get everything we had before for under $100.

<rant>Why is there such a discrepancy between what it costs? And why do they try to sell me a phone lineĀ  EVERY SINGLE TIME I CALL? The rep yesterday informed me that I could keep my existing cell phone service with AT&T and get their land line. OH REALLY????? Well thank you so much for allowing me to keep a service not offered by your company. If I get your land line can I also keep my electric at my house? What about gas? Will you let me keep that too?</rant>

Basically my point is that I have posted twice in two days.