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To go along with David’s post I wanted to mention some books I have read this year.

I finished this book in Jan, but started it about 5 months earlier. It was a pretty good read. It got me in the mood to hike the Appalachian Trail. But then I got sleepy.

I have read the other Dan Brown books and really enjoyed them. This one was pretty good, but the others were better I thought. This only took me 2 weeks to read, but that is because the library had a gun to my head.

Here are some that are next on my list.

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  1. I have never read the Lovely Bones, but it’s really fun to say out loud.

    “Lovely Bones. Lovely Bones”

    Try it.

  2. CWebb,

    I love “The Blind Side’. Still haven’t seen the movie, but it’s a great book. I haven’t read the Bryson book, but my wife loves him and she read it, and (as she usually does) read me some of the funnier parts out loud. I did read his autobiography… it’s something about “Thunderbolt Kid”, and it was pretty classic too.

    Joe Cox

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