Christmas Earrings

You may recall that Chad got me some beautiful diamond earrings for Christmas.  Some may also know that we have a ring holder in our bathroom that we keep our wedding rings on when we aren’t wearing them.  Well, I decided that this would be the perfect place to keep the earrings because of its convenient location and the fact that I will wear these earrings more often then any others.  Chad was able to foresee a problem with this.  “I think we should move that ring holder,” he said.  “We wouldn’t want to knock it over and one of those go down the drain.”

Nonsense, I thought, and went about my normal jewelry routine.  Well, you see, there was one problem with my thinking.  One of our sinks had been dripping, so Chad turned the water off until it was fixed and had to use the sink on my side instead.

Wouldn’t you know it?  One day, I get the email at school: Jennie, I knocked over the ring holder.  But it’s not what you think.  The earrings did not go down the drain.  No.  They fell to the floor.  However, one of the the earrings went right down a vent that is directly next to our sink.  Oops.  Chad looked but could not see it.  He thought maybe it was somewhere on the floor or maybe rolled into the closet.  He took off the vent cover and looked, but could not see it.  This was less than 2 weeks after I got the earrings, and I knew it would be at least 2 years for me to get any more if they were really gone.  Chad didn’t have much time to look because he had to go to work, so there was still hope that the earring wasn’t long gone.

Chad mentioned that if it had gone all the way down the vent, he would not go under the house to try to find it.  For my engagement ring, it would be an option, but this earring was not worth it.  When I got home, I was hopeful.  Then, I saw what was under the vent grate.  I didn’t realize the it went almost straight down.  Almost!  I looked at some dust and other small particles that had gathered in there, but could not see an earring.  I took a flashlight and searched down the vent and there it was! It was inches from falling over the edge never to be seen again.  I carefully took my hand and felt my way around until I reached it, pulling the earring to safety.

Whew! That was great news.  I knew that Chad would be so disappointed that such a new (and nice)  gift had been lost so soon, and he would have been even more upset because he had already mentioned that the ring holder was in a bad location.  Fortunately, all is well in the land of white gold and diamonds.  I have my rings and my beautiful new earrings and our ring holder now sits safely in our closet.