Halloween Treats

Last night, Chad and I celebrated halloween with our friends by inviting members of our Sunday school over.  Chad wore a Spiderman t-shirt as his costume, and I was a whoopie cushion.  We played games and ate some yummy treats.  I’ve always seen lots of cute halloween treats in magazines and wanted to make them, so this year I tried a few new things.

We had spooky green punch made with lime sherbet and Sprite.  It was topped off with an eerie hand made from freezing tropical colada juice in a rubber glove.  We lost one of the fingers as we took the frozen hand out of the glove.  The pinky went quickly after while stirring the punch.  The juice, as it melted, made the punch extra yummy.


Because it was pretty cold that night, another beverage that we offered was spiced apple cider, made just like Chad’s mom used to make.  It was good, but it was a little warm in our house, so most opted for the sherbet punch.


There were creepy finger foods too.  I made my mom’s delicious cheeseball, but shaped it into a ghost.  I added the almonds for eyes and a mouth.  I made sausage balls and inserted rice noodles to make them spider-like.  Their eyes were just food coloring.  There were also mummies, cocktail wieners wrapped mummy-style with crescents.  Chad added the eyes with mustard.  We also sliced up some full size hotdogs and cooked them to make tasty worms.

cheese ghostsausage spidersmummy dogswormdogs

It wouldn’t be Halloween without treats.  I made rice krispy treats, colored them with food coloring, and shaped them into balls.  The color was a little pinkish, so I had the idea of shaping them like brains.  However, when I asked Chad how they looked, he thought they were butts.  So, I added M & Ms and chocolate chips to make them look like jack-o-lanterns.  I also found a good Chex mix recipe made with Chex, M & Ms, pretzels, candy corn, and raisins coated in white chocolate.  It’s very addicting.  Along with those treats, we also had trick-or-treat candy, and our friend Jenny brought a ridiculous cookie pizza with peanut butter, nuts, icing, and M & Ms.  It wasn’t just ridiculous because it was good, but it was also the size of a large pizza.

pumpkin treatschexmix

It was a very fun night filled with lots of good eating.  Now, I must prepare for Christmas goodies.