Atlanta for Glenn and Lane’s Wedding

On Friday, Chad and I took the day off and headed down to Atlanta for Glenn and Lane’s wedding.  Chad was a groomsman in the wedding, so we had to get down there in the afternoon for him to try on his tux.  He looked so good in it, and I even thought the jacket was a little big on my ever-shrinking Chad.  We stayed at the W Hotel in downtown ATL.  It was very nice and hip.  We liked it.

w hotelw us

Friday night was the rehearsal at the Peachtree United Methodist Church.  It was a huge church and very ornate and beautiful.  The aisle looked like it was about a half a mile long.  The wedding party got their exercise.  After was the rehearsal dinner, which was at a cute catering place.  The food was a little different, but very very good.  My favorite was the fried green tomato salad, and Chad’s was the Parmesan risotto balls.  It was all excellent.

rehearsal rehearsal dinner

The next day, Chad and I were able to walk around a little bit and go to a mall that was right next to the hotel.  He had to leave around 1:30 to get ready for the wedding, so he left with Suresh, the best man in the wedding.  I later drove to the wedding with Michelle, Suresh’s wife.  We met them on Friday, and sat with them at the rehearsal dinner.  They are super nice.  I was glad they were there because I had someone to talk to and keep me company.

The wedding was beautiful and Lane looked gorgeous.  The rest of the wedding party looked nice too, especially Chad.  You all know that it’s not often that I get to see him dressed up.  The wedding was short and sweet.  Next, was the reception, which was at an art gallery.  It was cool because you could go around and check out all the different art pieces.  I guess you could have bought them too, if you had several thousands of dollars with you.  There were elegant decorations with candles and pretty pink roses.  Dinner was fantastic, and the cake was delicious too. During dinner, one of Glenn’s relatives told the couple that if they hold a baby that night, that is going to be the gender of their first child.  Lane mentioned they wanted a boy first, so they both held Jose and Aubrey’s baby.  I had never heard that before.  I don’t think I held any babies at my reception, but there were only two babies there and they were both boys.

wedding-me and chadwedding-babywedding-table wedding-us with glenn and lane wedding-us with suresh and michelle

As a party favor, they gave out Coke bottles that said “The Kurbans” and their wedding date.  Atlanta is known for their Coke museum.  Glenn and Lane actually made the labels themselves, and they were so cute.  They had sparklers to light for when they left, but Chad and I didn’t make it that long.  We were pretty tired and weren’t really up for all the dancing that was going on.  It was a great time, though, and we really enjoyed getting to meet some nice people and see this sweet couple get married.  We wish them the best!

wedding coke

On Sunday morning, Chad and I went to Buckhead Christian Church, which was right across the street from our hotel.  It was a church that took over a building that used to be a strip club.  How neat.  There weren’t very many people there, but the  service was good.  After that, we packed up our car, and headed to Gatlinburg for our fall break trip.  It was a fabulous weekend in Atlanta!

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  1. Pretty cool cous looks like yall are having fun “A”. all is well in Timmins my little guy is 3 years old now and busy.

    cant wait to see you and your wife.


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