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No More Naked Door

I like to decorate or house, especially for seasons, but during the summer, there isn’t much you can do except brighten the house with lovely flowers.  I bought some silk flowers to put in the vase in our hallway, and that made me happy for a while, but I began to feel like the front […]

#10 He times how long we cook our meat at The Melting Pot to ensure it has been exactly 2 minutes. #9 He tucks me in with a kiss EVERY night and answers when I call for my “tucker.” #8 To appease me, he wears his snowman pajama pants at Christmas time. #7 He takes […]

100 Posts

I like to celebrate milestones in our life and in our marriage, so why not on our website as well?  I noticed when I finished my last post that we have now written and published 100 posts (this one makes 101). On average, we have written a post every 5.6 days.  January is the month […]

Lifetime and Eternity

Ok, I hate to admit it, but I watched that show on Lifetime called Drop Dead Diva, and I kinda liked it.  It is about this cute model who dies, and when a gate keeper is trying to decide whether she should go to heaven or hell, the girl hits a button to make her […]

Birthday Fun

I had a wonderful birthday! The celebrating started on Monday, when my mom and dad stopped in Bowling Green on their way back to Louisville from Atlanta.  They showed up at my door with a balloon and cupcakes.  It was so sweet…literally! The cupcakes were delicious.  We met Chad at Mariah’s for lunch and then […]

Happy Birthday Jennie!

Today Jennie is 28! Yay! I better get to the store.


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