Humble Beginnings

I found this today and it cracked me up.

So young to the internet game, so niave of what possibilities lay in front of me, totally not knowing what WordPress was.

Congrats to insight for never getting rid of anything off their servers.

I think HDJ may start back soon, maybe after school.

It’s been a while

Sorry about that. Jennie and I have been wacky busy with all kinds of school and what not.

I finished one of my classes and I now officially have 6 class meetings left until I have my Masters. It has been a long long time coming.

What else has been going on?

Jennie’s Uppercase Living site now will let you order directly, so that is cool.

WKU’s basketball team continues to let me down. But honestly it isn’t their fault, they can’t help it. They will always be a mid major playing in a tournament that is not going to be won by a mid major.

On a better basketball note, I will be watching Louisville play up in Indy this weekend. Go Cards? Sure why not.

And finally, I bought what you see below. There is nothing I hate worse then mowing. Ugh. I might hate terrorists or Dicky V more…maybe.

Ok, we will try to update the site more often.

Go Ladycats!

We haven’t written much in a while. I don’t think there has been too much exciting stuff going on, so I thought I’d mention something. Last night we went to Diddle Arena to watch the Franklin Simpson Ladycats play in the regional finals. They did a great job against Barren County, winning 55 to 24. It’s neat to see some of these girls because I taught a few of them my first year teaching. Although the game was not very exciting, the news that followed was: Franklin Simpson schools will be closed on Wednesday to allow everyone to go to the game. Woo hoo! The game is at Diddle, and I will be there. Yay day off!