Deep down I knew it would happen. I knew that this “perfect” season they had would blow up in their face the first playoff game they had. I would have rather they had a Bengals like season instead of doing wondefully all year and then choke in the post season. This season could only end with a trip to the Superbowl to be considered successful.

The rest of the playoffs I am for the Cards, at least they were mediocre all season and it’s suprising how well they have done in the playoffs.

At least I have the WKU vs U of L win to get me through these next few months.

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  1. look chad…time to come over to the dark side. purple and black baby. i was rooting for the titans if they won.
    and i think the week-off “bye” hurts teams always. all teams seem to get out of their rhythm.
    steelers and chargers is a great game so far…

  2. At least your team made the play-offs. The Bills were were 4-0 after four games…then stopped playing. I’m with you backing Arizona.

  3. My Ravens! Everybody laughed at me last year, but I’m telling you, they’re trains. Well, at least when they play the Dolphins….I like the Titans, but I’ll rip off of a shirt I saw, “I’m Wacco for Flacco.” You’ll come around. ;0)

  4. Trust me–being a Bengals fan is not as great as it sounds. Listening and watching you go from excited, to hopeful, to depressed, to disinterested every year might drive Jennie insane as it has many other Bengals’ fans’ significant others

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