Happy Columbus Day!

Usually, we never get Columbus day off at school, but for some reason we did this year.  I think it was simply to give all of us teachers one more day of fall break.  I have been on fall break all week, and I finally have to go back tomorrow.  Am I ready?  No.  I haven’t done a bit of schoolwork since we got out of school.  That is why it is so fortunate that I get this day to do all the work I should have done over the break.  On Friday before I left, I put up a new bulletin board for fall.  I told someone that I knew once I got a taste of lazy, I wouldn’t want to do it anymore.  It’s true.  And here I am writing a post instead of doing what I should.  So, I must go to school now and put in grades, make new seating charts, and prepare lessons.  Happy Columbus day!