Mrs. Webb

Well, a new school year is quickly approaching.  I go back to school this Wednesday and the kids start back a week later.  Some people may have thought that Franklin Simpson Middle School got a new math teacher, but no, Ms. Nicholson is now Mrs. Webb.  It’s crazy to think that I will never have that name again.  It is so much fun changing all my classroom things to my new name.  Although it is a little more work, it’s neat to think that the students I get this year will never know me as anything but Mrs. Webb.  I even thought that it’s kind of like starting over; any negative things that were said about Ms. Nicholson have hopefully left with the name.  (Not that I think there are a lot, but you know, you can’t please everybody).  Previously, I had my name by my door with some letters that I found and some green construction paper that have faded over the past 4 years.  Last week, however, I went to the Parent-Teacher Store and picked out some pretty colored lettering to proudly display my new name on my classroom door.  It looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

Also in my classroom is a lovely flower pot that looks very teacherly with a ruler painted around the top.  It too says Mrs. Webb, but it wasn’t made for me.  This belonged to Chad’s mom, Paulette Webb.    I also have a board eraser and little desk figure that say Mrs. Webb.  The desk even says #1 teacher.  We found these things in his garage while we were clearing stuff out.  I had asked Chad before if he knew of anything from teaching that had her name on it, but he didn’t.  So, we were pretty excited to find them.  I think it is pretty cool that we’re both teachers, and I think its is very special to have those in my classroom.

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  1. I’m glad to see that you can use some of Paulette’s teaching decorations for your classroom. I know she would be very pleased and if she was alive today she would be out there helping you decorate. She loved teaching and did a lot for her kids. Have a good year Jennie and we will meet soon I’m sure.

  2. that is awesome that you get to have some of her things in your classroom!! The name next to the door looks good!

  3. Jennie – I love the letters you picked out for your name! So cute! Also, I know that Paula would be so thrilled to have a daughter-in-law that is also a teacher. I can’t think of anyone she would rather have using her teacher stuff than you. 🙂

  4. Unfortunately, the “Mrs. Webb” flower pot was broken yesterday. The custodian was dusting under it and accidentally dropped it. She threw it away, so I don’t know if it was salvageable. It is expected that things will get broken in a classroom, and it was only a thing. But it was pretty special to have something of Chad’s mom’s.

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