Mrs. Webb

Well, a new school year is quickly approaching.  I go back to school this Wednesday and the kids start back a week later.  Some people may have thought that Franklin Simpson Middle School got a new math teacher, but no, Ms. Nicholson is now Mrs. Webb.  It’s crazy to think that I will never have that name again.  It is so much fun changing all my classroom things to my new name.  Although it is a little more work, it’s neat to think that the students I get this year will never know me as anything but Mrs. Webb.  I even thought that it’s kind of like starting over; any negative things that were said about Ms. Nicholson have hopefully left with the name.  (Not that I think there are a lot, but you know, you can’t please everybody).  Previously, I had my name by my door with some letters that I found and some green construction paper that have faded over the past 4 years.  Last week, however, I went to the Parent-Teacher Store and picked out some pretty colored lettering to proudly display my new name on my classroom door.  It looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

Also in my classroom is a lovely flower pot that looks very teacherly with a ruler painted around the top.  It too says Mrs. Webb, but it wasn’t made for me.  This belonged to Chad’s mom, Paulette Webb.    I also have a board eraser and little desk figure that say Mrs. Webb.  The desk even says #1 teacher.  We found these things in his garage while we were clearing stuff out.  I had asked Chad before if he knew of anything from teaching that had her name on it, but he didn’t.  So, we were pretty excited to find them.  I think it is pretty cool that we’re both teachers, and I think its is very special to have those in my classroom.